The United Kingdom is a first choice for many investors around the world for a variety of reasons. The UK has one of the highest GDP’s in Europe and is strategically located between multiple time-zones, which helps facilitate international business and lifestyle. In a single working day, business can be conducted with Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Moscow, and New York. Its national parks, gardens and country houses provide a perfect way to relax in the warm summers. The UK’s education system is world renowned and has some of the best universities in the world, including Oxford, Cambridge, and Kings College London.

It is known for its respected legal system, stable democratic government and educational institutions. The UK can also be an attractive base for wealthy individuals and families who are non-domiciled in the United Kingdom as they can benefit from the UK’s special tax treatment.


London is a leading global city and one of the world’s premier financial centers. It is home to the FTSE100, FTSE250 and AIMS, and is the headquarter of numerous multinational corporations, financial institutions, professional firms and major worldwide organizations. When the first market launched over 30 years ago, the combined value of its companies was around 160 billion GBP. Today, the combined value of companies trading on the London Stock Exchange is 3.9 trillion pounds, as published by the LSE. This is a testament to the growth of the UK’s global capital markets.


The UK Tier-1 Investor Visa offers the opportunity to live and work in the United Kingdom by investing in its economy. It requires a minimum qualifying investment of  2 million pounds within three months of entry into the United Kingdom. The investment must be maintained until permanent residence is granted. Upon completion of 5 years of continuous lawful residence of 185 days or more per year, the main applicant and respective family members can apply to be granted settlement, i.e., Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.

There is also an accelerated route to settlement. Applicants who increase their qualifying financial investment in the UK to a total of 5 million pounds can apply for settlement after 3 years, while a financial investment of 10 million pounds qualifies the applicant for settlement within 2 years.

Under reforms enacted in March of 2019: Investors are now required to prove that they have had control of their 2 million investment capital for 2 years, or they will need to prove evidence of the source of those funds. The qualifying financial investment must also be invested into UK shares or corporate bonds - government bonds are no longer an acceptable investment under the new reforms.

The Home Office created these amendments to help ensure that the Tier-1 Visa program has a clear benefit to the UK economy, something that government bonds can’t achieve as effectively as investing directly into UK companies.



A tailored investment can be created exclusively for each investor, taking current market conditions into account. Every investment is created to satisfy the requirements for Indefinite Leave to Remain through the UK Tier-1 Investor visa program.

A tailored investment that reduces risk considerably by incorporating full capital protection; pays a monthly income to the investor; returns the investors principal capital; and charges no management fees is a good choice for tier-1 investors.

Each tailored investment must follow the UK Home Office rules and should be monitored to ensure compliance with the visa regulatory requirements through an approved reporting structure for the lifetime of the investment to deliver Indefinite Leave to Remain for international investors.

A qualifying investment should be created for an  investor when applying for the UK Tier-1 Investor visa and provides several key benefits:

A qualifying investment should be created exclusively to support an investors Tier-1 Investor Visa application and should provide several key benefits:

  1. A qualifying investment that complies with all the UK’s tier-1 investor visa rules
  2. Pays a monthly income that continues for the duration of the investment
  3. Returns investors principal and provides 100% capital protection
  4. Ongoing reporting for the lifetime of an investment ensuring compliance with UK Home Office rules
  5. Charges no investment management fee’s or discretionary fee’s to the client

A qualifying investment that gets the client their visa, returns the client’s money and charges no management fees, while paying out monthly capital returns could be a great way for investors to achieve Indefinite Leave to Remain through the UK Tier-1 investor visa program.

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Vicky  Katsarova
Vicky Katsarova
Vicky Katsarova is the CEO of High Net Worth Immigration, which is a Canada-based immigration advisory firm that she founded 10 years ago. The firm has offices in Bulgaria, St. Kitts & Nevis, Taiwan and Nigeria. Katsarova is an experienced immigration consultant, who speaks Bulgarian as well as English. HNWI helps investors and their families about alternative residency and citizenship programs all around the world. High Net Worth Immigration also helps its clients facilitate relocation and business establishment in their new country. Katsarova holds a certificate in business management from Penn Foster College.

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