Eliane Dorneles  Malhado

Eliane Dorneles Malhado

Portugal Immigration Consultant

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Eliane Dorneles Malhado is a Portuguese immigration consultant. She currently operates her own law firm, Dorneles Malhado Advogados, based in Lisbon.

Malhado focuses her legal practice on civil and criminal law, family law, immigration law and the Golden Visa program of Portugal. With certificates to practice law in Portugal and Brazil, she helps high net worth investors look for investment opportunities in those countries. She represents clients before courts in both countries.

Malhado advises entrepreneurs on general corporate legal matters and tax issues, and helps with mediation and arbitration cases. She currently also works as a lawyer at Dorneles Advocacia, based in Goiás, Brazil.

Prior to her practice in the private sector, she served as a city attorney and legal advisor for the city of Goiás in Brazil.

Malhado obtained her bachelor’s degree in law from the Federal University of Goiás. She speaks Portuguese, English and French.


Dorneles Malhado Advogados

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