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Lijuan He

Corporate/Securities Attorney

Shanghai, PRC

About Lijuan He

He Lijuan is a corporate attorney at Shanghai Veritas Law Corporation. Lijuan is also the managing partner and founder of Shanghai Veritas Law Corporation. She primarily specializes in capital market, outbound investment, banking and finance, corporate law, and major litigation and arbitration issues.

Lijuan has more than twenty years of experience in the field. In Singapore, she provided foreign legal counsel to various renowned law firms for ten years. She also provided legal counsel to Press & Publishing Bureau/Copyright Bureau of Heilongjiang Provincial Government, where she was responsible for managing the bureau’s legal matters. Additionally, Lijuan gained experience working with the People’s Court of Harbin Municipality before immigrating to Singapore.

Lijuan has assisted numerous Chinese companies with corporate restructuring transactions, fundraising, and overseas capital markets. She has assisted international clients with Chinese investments as well. These services have included the creation of subsidiaries as well as the merging and acquisition of domestic companies via equity acquisition or assets acquisition.

Additionally, Lijuan also offers everyday legal services on a retainer basis, largely to overseas companies, domestic companies, state-owned enterprises, unlisted enterprises, and government agencies. She and her team assist clients with corporate finance, operational legal issues, corporate governance, regulatory compliance, risk controlling services, and several other related matters.

Lijuan has acted as a member of both the Advisory Group of Minhang District Municipality of Shanghai and the Lawyers Work Committee of Minhang District. She has also acted as the business director of the Shanghai Singapore Business Association. Lastly, she acted as the director of the Labor and Employment Committee of Minhang District.

In 2013, Lijuan was named one of the “Top 10 Layers” of the Minhang District in Shanghai. She is fluent in Chinese and English as well. Her primary areas of focus include the following: outbound investor representations, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, finance, due diligence analysis, real estate, education, infrastructure, venture capital, residential, hotel/hospitality, industrial, retail, and senior housing.

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