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Mohamed Aboshanab

Mohamed Aboshanab

UK Immigration Advisor

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Mohamed Aboshanab is a U.K. immigration lawyer. He currently serves as a director at Newborder Global Advisors, an immigration advisory firm with offices in the U.K., Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

Specializing in business immigration and corporate mobility management, Aboshanab assists individual and institutional clients in investment, company formation and licensing, as well as the establishment and restructuring of legal entities across Europe and Africa. He maintains an expansive network of relationships with professionals and government authorities to advise clients on compliance with immigration regulations of various jurisdictions. At Newborder, Aboshanab manages the performance, workflow, productivity, communication, compliance and risk control of the company’s team. He also spearheads the company’s effort in market expansion.

Prior to joining Newborder, Aboshanab worked as a business development manager at Global Beam based in Cairo, Egypt. In this role, he monitored compliance of the company and provided investment and immigration advisory services to local and international businesses. He also worked as an international lawyer at Arden Solicitors Advocates in London, where he primarily handled immigration and asylum cases.

Aboshanab is a registered foreign lawyer by the Solicitors Regulation Authority of the U.K., and is licensed to practice law in Egypt. He is also a certified immigration adviser regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioners in the U.K.

Aboshanab obtained his bachelor’s degree in law from Ain Shams University in Egypt. He also holds a level 3 certificate in law and practice by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives in the U.K.

Aboshanab speaks Arabic and English.



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