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Are there any areas that are excluded from the scope of Turkey’s RBI program?

I want to apply for Turkey's RBI program through real estate investment. Are there any areas that are excluded from the scope of the program?

  • Albayrak Law Firm
    February 17, 2020

    CBI and RBI programs have different conditions. For RBI, you can have also different options in addition to purchase a real estate in order to apply for the RBI program. There are also easier ways to make it. But If you want to apply for this program via purchasing a real estate, keep in mind that you don't have to purchase a real estate minimum $250,000 dollars as it required by the CBI program. There is no restriction for it. If you are also curious about the district of the real estate. Feel free to search a real estate in every district. There are some exception districts, but it is not a crucial point for you since you can not buy real estate from these areas. Because you can not purchase them via title deed, as it is forbidden. So, you do not have to be worried at this point.

  • Sagir Attorneys-at-Law
    December 17, 2019

    There are some general limitations for foreigners when it comes to purchasing real estate in Turkey. First, designated special security areas, properties close to military zones will be ineligible for purchases by foreigners. Second, the total area of the purchase by a foreigner cannot exceed 10% of the total land area of the county/district where the real estate is situated, and it cannot exceed 300,000 square meters per person. Therefore, these areas will naturally be excluded from the program. Furthermore, if the investor wants to benefit from the citizenship program, the property that they will purchase should not be owned by another foreign individual, including the immediate relatives of the investor, or a company in which a foreign individual is a shareholder or a manager. Other than these limitations, it does not matter whether the property is an apartment flat or a land lot. For the citizenship application, the required $250,000 amount can be reached by purchasing a single property as well as multiple properties that collectively add up to that amount.