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Are there any reasons why my Malta Golden Visa might not be renewed?

My wife and I received our visas through the MRVP a few years ago. Our five-year renewal is coming up. I want to be sure we have maintained our eligibility. What kinds of things are the authorities looking for when renewing? Is there anything we should watch out for?

  • March 26, 2019

    After the first five years, the Maltese agency will continue to perform ongoing monitoring on the successful applicants on the program. Furthermore, it is a requisite that one continues to hold a residential property. However, it needs not be a qualifying residential property. Thus, the value of said property or the annual rent may be of a lesser amount. Also, it is very importantly that the main applicant and his dependents maintain their health insurance policy.

  • BIZ Consult Limited
    March 26, 2019

    You need to have in possession during the five years after you received your residency capital amounting to 500,000 euros or an income of 100,000 euros per year, rental property, an insurance covering the minimum 30,000 euros, government bonds and no criminal records registered. If you confirm these, there is no reason why your Golden Visa won’t be renewed.