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How can I include my unemployed older brother as my dependent in my residency-by-investment application in Malta?

I'm an investor based in the U.S. looking to gain residency by investment for myself and my family, which includes my brother who does not work due to health reasons. What options would you advise me in Malta?

  • Attard Baldacchino
    February 23, 2021

    I regret to inform you that the definition of dependents under the law is limited to the main applicant's spouse, unmarried children who are not economically active as well as parents and grandparents. Therefore, the only option for your brother to benefit from a certificate of Maltese residence under the country's residence-by-investment program would be to submit a parallel application for himself as the main applicant. You could serve as the benefactor for the fees and costs; however, your brother would still be required to satisfy the minimum wealth threshold. If he does not, you would also need to donate sufficient assets to him to meet the 500,000 euros minimum wealth bracket.