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How can my child keep his permanent residency in the Cayman Islands when he turns 18 years old?

I am planning to apply for permanent residency in the Cayman Islands by investing in the real estate market. My child is 15 years old now. I was told that he could lose his permanent residency when he turns 18. Is there any way to keep his status? Does he have to start his own application?

  • Bedell Cristin
    May 17, 2019

    Once your application is granted, your child will be listed as an approved dependent pending the age of 18. Once he attains the age of 18, and in order to continue such dependency, you will need to submit an application to vary your certificate of permanent residence in order to seek approval for him to remain as your dependent while engaged in full-time tertiary education. Once approved, his dependency will continue until he completes his full-time tertiary education or attains the age of 24, whichever happens earlier. There are various other intermediary routes and subsequent applications that need to submitted to progress to full citizenship, but this situation is highly bespoke and requires specialist advice.