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How can my son work in the U.K. if he has an Antigua and Barbuda passport?

I read that as an Antigua and Barbuda passport holder, a student who attends college in the U.K. would be able to work freely in the U.K. after graduation without a visa or work permit. I saw a migration agency also promoting this advantage of the program. Is it true? Are there any restrictions to students who obtain passports through the investment immigration program?

  • Citizens International
    October 25, 2019

    An Antigua and Barbuda passport holder must apply for a student visa (tier 4 general student visa) in order to study at a university in the U.K. Currently, as long as the degree course lasts longer than one year, the student visa is valid for four months after graduation allowing time for the graduate to find a job and subsequently apply for a work permit. However, in September 2019, the U.K. government announced that the U.K. would go back to its earlier policy and allow graduates the chance to stay for two years after graduation. This rule is to apply to all students who start an undergraduate or above course from 2020 or later. It’s important to check the U.K. government website for the most up-to-date information. To my knowledge, there are absolutely no restrictions for students applying for a U.K. visa with a passport obtained via citizenship-by-investment. They are treated the same as any other passport holder from that county. I hope that helps!

  • Caribbean Lifestyle Services
    October 28, 2019

    I am afraid this is not the case. An Antiguan national does not require a visa to visit the U.K., but would need a work permit in order to remain and work after studying.