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How could dependents keep status in the Portuguese Golden Visa program when they age out?

I want to invest 500,000 euros in real estate and apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa program. My son is currently 17 years old. When he reaches 18 years old and becomes financially independent, does he have to invest in the program and own a property of his own to keep his status?

  • Caiado Guerreiro
    August 09, 2018

    The overage children can continue reunified as long as they are studying, economically dependent and single. In case one of those situations is not verified, the child can apply for a separate common residency permit or invest and become a resident in Portugal under the special program (the Golden Visa). The common residency permit requires a minimum stay in Portugal of six months and the Golden Visa only requires a stay of seven days per year.

  • Caiado Guerreiro
    October 10, 2018

    Please note that the over-aged sons/daughters (18 years old and older) can continue to be reunified under the Golden Visa if they can provide proof of the following requirements: that he/she is still economic dependent on the investor; that he/she is still studying (in any country); that he/she is still single. If not, they need to apply to an autonomous residency permit (Golden Visa or any other kind of residency).

  • March 20, 2019

    Your son can keep his temporary residence card as long as he stays single and you can provide documents proving that he is still studying (attending university, for instance) or that he is economically dependent on you.