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How does the Friendly Nations system work?

I have temporary residency in the United Kingdom, which is considered a Friendly Nation under the Panama investor visa program. However, I am not a U.K. citizen. I am a citizen of a country that is not a Friendly Nation under the Panama program. Can I use my U.K. residency to become a new resident of Panama, or will only my country of birth apply to me?

  • Mulford Abogados
    January 05, 2019

    In order to apply to the Friendly Nation visa you must be a citizen of a country listed as a Friendly Nation under the program. Having residency is not enough.

  • Panama Global Solutions
    January 05, 2019

    Unfortunately, in order to apply under the Friendly Nations residency program, the applicant must be a citizen of the country, either by being born there or by acquiring such citizenship under its laws.

  • Kraemer & Kraemer
    January 05, 2019

    Only citizens of the countries listed in the program can apply for the Friendly Nations visa, which is a residency created in 2012 by the government of Panama and grants permanent status in a period totaling six months. For any residency application, though, the passport is required and it is what determines the applicant's nationality.