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How long is the waiting time for investors applying for residency-by-investment programs in Canada during the pandemic?

I'm an investor based in South Africa and I've heard that waiting times for processing of applications for residency-by-investment programs, including the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick have increased during the pandemic. Would you advise me to wait for this pandemic to end before applying?

  • JTH Lawyers Inc.
    February 20, 2021

    The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program has been suspended since August 2019, way before the pandemic, and currently provincial programs for residency-by-investment programs in Canada are mostly closed because of the impossibility to conduct business trips to Canada. But, you have alternatives such as the Start-Up Visa program, and other programs which offer the fastest, easiest, cheapest and most beneficial way to obtain permanent residence in Canada by investment. Waiting for this pandemic to end before applying will only cause delay in getting permanent residence in Canada.