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What documents do I need to open an account in Greece as a tourist visa holder?

My husband and I are thinking about applying for a Greek Golden Visa. Instead of going through an agent, we want to visit Greece first, do our research and make other arrangements. We understand that a bank account is a necessity in this process, and we plan to open one during our first trip to Greece next month. Is it possible to open a bank account in Greece as a tourist visa holder? What documents do we need to provide?

  • Right Target Estate
    October 17, 2018

    You must prove your identity, your income and your residence. Depending on where you come from, these documents may appear in a different form. Sometimes they ask also for translation.

  • Energopiisi SA Investment Consulting Services
    October 17, 2018

    The documents (either original or certified copies thereof) that you need to submit in order to start a relationship with the bank and open an account are mentioned herein below. Documents issued by public authorities, except identity cards, passports and entry visas (since you have to present the originals to the bank) should be apostilled or verified by the Greek consulate and officially translated into Greek or English. All documents should be officially translated to Greek or English. The submission of all following documents (units 1 to 7) is compulsory in order to start a relationship with the bank and open an account. Here is a checklist of documents to be prepared before your first visit to Greece. Please kindly note that all the below should be in English. They are: an identification certificate; valid passport issued by the country of origin; temporary stay permit or other equivalent document, entry visa or seal (identification certificates must be original and bear your photograph); certification of Greek tax identification number (AFM/TIN); certificate of issuance of a Greek tax identification number (issued in Greece during your visit); confirmation of address of a main residence and contact number; certificate issued by a competent public authority of the client's country of establishment, from which his/her status of residence, the address of his/her main residence and contact number must be concluded; recent mobile bill issued by a public or private company or a certificate proves the number of the mobile number; certificate that you hold a Greek phone number (e.g., mobile phone bill or contract) issued in Greece during the first visit; confirmation of occupation and current professional address and business phone number; certificate issued by the competent public authorities (local self-government organizations, police, tax or consular authorities, a competent insurance entity, etc.) of the client's country of establishment, from which the occupation, the professional address and telephone in the said country of establishment must be concluded, or a relevant document issued by a social security organization; in the case of employees, an employer's certificate or copy of latest salary statement (must contain employer's seal and signature, business address and business telephone number). You also need confirmation of tax residence: a signed self-certification form for individuals or annual income tax declaration or a certificate evidencing the TIN or its functional equivalent. Moreover, some banks ask for proof of funds such as bank statements or other official information proving the source and existence of the necessary funds for the investment. Regarding your question if a tourist visa on your valid passport is enough for the bank as mentioned in No. 1, yes it is.