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What are the advantages of choosing the option of making a significant investment in Grenada to gain citizenship?

What kinds of bona fide businesses can one establish using this option? What flexibility will I get for divestment?

  • October 13, 2021

    There are two investment options in Grenada: The donation route (Section 10) and the investment route (Section 11). With the donation route, you are basically giving the money to the government to be used under the National Transformation Fund, which assists in the funding of infrastructure projects and economic stimulus. There are no returns, the money is essentially lost. If you choose the investment route, you are investing your money in an approved development of the CBI program, of which there are several; each with their own pros and cons. If you are looking at applying for the E-2 visa treaty to the United States, it is recommended that you choose the investment option to provide a greater nexus to the country.