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What happens if the main applicant dies during the due-diligence process?

About six months ago, my husband applied for the Malta citizenship-by-investment program but passed away from a sudden illness. As his dependent and spouse, I was part of the application, which was ongoing. I would still like to continue with it. How can I do this, or do I have start over or do my own?

  • Grant Thornton
    March 09, 2019

    I am sorry for your loss. It is advisable that you get in touch with your Maltese agent, as Identity Malta may concede for the details of the main applicant and ancillary source of wealth to be amended and replaced by yourself. Given the circumstances, Identity Malta may concede to the continuation of the due-diligence process based on the assumption that the source of wealth would be from the inheritance of the unfortunate loss of your husband. Hope this helps.