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Visa options for investors doing business in Italy

December 09, 2019 | Marco Mazzeschi

What are the visa opportunities for investors who want to make investments into Italy’s economy, launch an innovative company, conduct business in the country or just live in the Mediterranean south without working?

Benefits of relocating your family and business to Cyprus

December 07, 2019 | Maria Clappa

Investors who chose to move to the Eastern Mediterranean island can enjoy genuine hospitality, progressive infrastructure, great weather, a skilled workforce and tax friendly ecosystem and familiar corporate legislation.

Q & A: “You cannot put a price on freedom”

December 06, 2019 | Uglobal Staff

Syrian investor Foad Akka, who lives in U.A.E., was able to get a second passport in about three months after making a $100,000 government donation in Dominica. “…This process was completely worth it,” he said.

Greece launches new criteria for its Golden Visa program

December 04, 2019 | Christos Vardikos

The Greek government has launched new options for its residency by investment program, including offering foreign investors a five-year permit if they invest at least 400,000 euros in a Greek company, state bonds, equity mutual fund, or deposit the amount in a domestic credit institution.

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