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Uglobal Magazine strives to deliver compelling, comprehensive articles and information for those interested in overseas investment. Each of the publication's articles is peer-reviewed and provides high-quality objective analyses to an audience of fund managers, developers, attorneys, wealth managers, high net worth individuals and service providers.

In a field filled with a plethora of information, Uglobal Magazine hopes to clarify some of the most common questions and concerns by delivering concise and informative articles written by a variety of leaders in the overseas investment field. Each article has undergone a selective review process to ensure that only the best articles are published. The publication caters to both highly trained experts in the cross border investment looking to expand their knowledge, as well as readers who are new to this field and are seeking to understand the basics.

Uglobal Magazine covers a wide range of topics, such as cross border transaction practice, the impact of foreign investment on the U.S. economy, how the laws and regulations will affect foreign investment in United States, and much more. The publication hopes to make information more accessible to Chinese investors who are seeking investment opportunities in the United States and provide a forum for U.S. professionals to share their expertise.Uglobal Magazine serves as a tool to empower voices in the overseas investment community and helps to fulfill the potential of that community.

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