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  • Russia approves permanent residency program draft bill

    Russia is now just a step away from launching its own EU country-style Golden Visa scheme after a government committee gave its approval of a draft bill on permanent residency by investment for foreign investors. The proposal to have a residency by investment option in Russia was initiated by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development in May last year while the government committee’s approval came in mid-April this year, according to the state-controlled Russian media outlet, RT.

    Uglobal Staff April 22, 2021
  • EU on track to launch vaccine certificate in June

    The EU has plans to officially launch its highly anticipated vaccine certificate this June with aims to facilitate the movement of people within its borders during the peak summer tourism period. EU Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders said the proposed Digital Green Certificates would help determine whether a person has received an EU-approved COVID-19 vaccine, or if they had tested positive in the recent past, or if they have recovered enough to now have immunity and be fit for travel.

    Uglobal Staff April 20, 2021
  • Canada announces new permanent residency pathway

    The Canadian government has announced a new permanent residency pathway that will benefit tens of thousands of foreign workers already present in the country who are engaged in essential jobs such as health services and personal support.

    Uglobal Staff April 14, 2021
  • Thailand mulls new immigration rules for foreigners

    Foreigners who wish to live and work in Thailand for the long term, either as digital nomads or retirees, may get a new and more relaxed visa option by the end of this year. The Thai government is making plans to revamp its immigration rules for foreigners, including easing up work permits, visa applications, mandatory reporting of whereabouts rules to police every 90 days, according to a senior Thai government advisor.

    Uglobal Staff April 14, 2021
  • World’s top passports announced in new report

    The world's most powerful passport is the Japanese one, followed by passports from two other Far East nations, Singapore, which is ranked second, and South Korea, according to a new international report. Japanese passport holders can travel visa-free to 193 countries and by that hold on to first place in the latest results from the Henley Passport Index revealed on April 13. The ranking is based on the travel database maintained by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

    Uglobal Staff April 14, 2021
  • India's ban on foreign law firms boosts online meetings

    Indian Supreme Court's decision to ban foreign law firms from operating in the country has pushed foreign lawyers to pursue online meetings with their Indian clients, which has come to define the post-pandemic world. In recent times, the apex court had ruled that no foreign law firms or foreign lawyers would be allowed to open their local offices in India or appear before Indian benches based on their foreign law association licenses. It had, however, allowed the foreign lawyers and firms to visit the country to advise their Indian clients, as long as it was a short visit to India and the advice was about foreign laws.

    Uglobal Staff April 13, 2021
  • The increasing role of cryptocurrency in the RCBI industry

    Cryptocurrency is nothing new but it may open doors to increased opportunities in the global migration industry. Some countries are looking to attract foreign crypto investors with relaxed policies, including in the residency and citizenship by investment programs.

    Uglobal Staff April 09, 2021
  • Qatar makes push to attract investors, offering residency permits

    Qatar has launched a new office in its newly developed Lusail City to facilitate foreign investors in buying real estate that would in turn pave the way for long term residency in the Gulf State. The Qatari ministries of interior and justice jointly launched the office on April 5 that will not only guide buyers on what properties, commercial or residential, would work out as best investments for them, but it will also fast track the entire process. According to official government statement, if the foreign investor meets all the requirements, the title deed for the property can be obtained within the hour.

    Uglobal Staff April 07, 2021
  • North Macedonia to launch new CBI program soon

    North Macedonia is the latest country to invite international talent and investors to the nation through a new citizenship-by-investment program. Harvey Law Group, a Hong Kong-based multinational law firm specializing in corporate law and investment immigration, has been appointed as Master Compliance Agent for Asia for the North Macedonia Economic Citizenship Program.

    Uglobal Staff March 23, 2021
  • Lithuania updates employment law to appeal to foreign talent

    Lithuania has changed its employment and residency laws to make the country more appealing to highly educated and talented foreign workers. The republic on March 1 announced amendments “On the Legal Status of Aliens” Law, which relate to the conditions of seeking employment and residing temporarily or permanently as a foreigner in the country.

    Uglobal Staff March 19, 2021