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Do all members in an application have to travel to Greece before being able to obtain resident permits?

I heard that from September of 2018, both the principal applicant and the dependents of a Golden Visa application must travel to Greece at least once before resident permits are granted. Is that correct? I want to include my new-born baby in the application, but I am hesitant about taking him on a long international trip.

  • Papalois & Associates Legal
    January 07, 2019

    Everyone who applies for the blue paper needs to enter at least once in Greece by a visa.

  • Energopiisi SA Investment Consulting Services
    January 08, 2019

    According to the Greek immigration law, an entry visa - that is, legal entry in the country - was always necessary to obtain a resident permit for owners of real estate property and their family members too. Following the issuance of a residence permit, and for its duration, there is no need for a visa. Pursuant to Law 4251/2014, any third-country citizen who has entered the country legally holding a visa of any type has the right to apply for a resident permit. Additionally to this, since Feb. 20, 2017, the new procedure for granting non-EU/EEC nationals resident permits in Greece was launched, pursuant to Regulation (EC) 380/2008, under which all EU member states will issue an electronic resident permit, which will replace the sticker typically affixed in a valid passport. If the application is filed by an appointed attorney, in the absence of the interested investor, then written notification will be given for the applicant to define a specific date for submitting his biometric data, required for the issue of the resident permit, in consultation with his attorney, so that this date is convenient for the applicant. In any case, since the applications must be handled quickly and should not remain pending for a long time, the attendance of the applicant for submitting his biometric data should be completed within six months from the time of application and in any case before the lapse of one year. The children under 6 years old are not obliged to provide biometric data, but it is necessary to enter the country with a valid entry visa.

  • Right Target Estate
    January 09, 2019

    Yes, since you (and your relatives) must give fingerprints to receive the permit, this is true. Nevertheless, for children of very young age, they grant exceptions. Your lawyers must get in touch with the authorities to make sure that they will give an exception in your case.