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Do I need a special license to run a cemetery business if I obtain Cypriot citizenship through the CBI program?

I run several cemetery businesses in China and I have abundant experiences in the operation of such businesses. I want to purchase a piece of land in Cyprus to build a modern cemetery. I have a complete business plan for it. I also want to use such investment to apply for Cypriot citizenship. However, I know the funeral industry can be sensitive and different countries might have different regulations on it. Do I need any special license to run a cemetery as a Cypriot CBI applicant?

  • Omirou & Omirou LLC
    December 15, 2018

    Unfortunately individuals cannot enter in this kind of work as this is strongly controlled and monitored by the municipalities and the Ministry of Interior.

  • Michael Kyprianou & Co. LLC
    December 11, 2018

    In order to provide guidance and legal advice, you would need to explain in detail the services that your cemetery business wishes to provide to clients. It is noted that a license is required for certain services, i.e., funeral services.

    December 11, 2018

    No special license is required for the establishment of a cemetery business in Cyprus, provided that your business is established in accordance with the laws of Cyprus. Moreover, please note that your investment in a Cyprus business must be made to an already established company which has been in business for at least five years and employs at least five employees.

  • Vasiliou Law
    January 12, 2019

    A cemetery business in Cyprus is governed by the Cemeteries (Burial and Exhalement) Law of 2004 (257 (I) / 2004). Under the current legislation this business is solely governed by the local authorities (Article 3). However, under Article 15A, a third person might be able to buy a part or a whole licensed cemetery. In order to do that one must be available for sale. In any case, any business related to a cemetery is very sensitive and should be treated in this way.