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Are changes coming to the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship application process?

I read online that all the Caribbean CBI countries are unifying their application. Is this true? Does this mean I can apply for Antigua and other countries at the same time?

  • Citizens International
    June 25, 2019

    We understand an agreement in principle has been reached between the CIP jurisdictions to standardize the application documents. However, we have no notice of this yet from the respective citizenship investment units. I would imagine it will take a bit of time to implement. In my experience, they are all relatively similar at present in terms of the application process. Some do not require school and university records (St. Kitts and Grenada do), some require full resumes for all applicants, some require fingerprints (Grenada), but generally you can expect to complete the forms and provide supporting documents that confirm your identification, your address, your police records and your source of income and wealth. It is critical to be completely transparent, truthful and to submit a comprehensive application to ensure a smooth and timely process. In principle, I believe you could apply for multiple citizenships at the same time in the Caribbean. However, it would be advisable to apply for one at a time. A government may wish you to complete any outstanding citizenship applications to another country before granting you citizenship, and while a Caribbean citizenship is a wonderful alternative citizenship with myriad benefits for you and your family, I am not convinced there would be any particular advantage to having more than one Caribbean citizenship. In my experience it is best to choose the island that suits you best and create your foothold there for some years to come. I believe you will find it immensely rewarding.

  • Caribbean Lifestyle Services
    June 25, 2019

    The individual Caribbean citizenship-by-investment programs will remain independent. However, the criteria for approval and due diligence may be aligned in the future. The countries are members of CARICOM. Thus, if you are a holder of an Antiguan passport, you have the economic rights of a CARICOM national in other CARICOM nations.