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At which state of my application of the Turkish CBI program should I provide the evidence of the actual value of the property I purchased?

Should I prepare it in advance, or the appraisal authorities will request it after reviewing my case?

  • SEBA Law Firm
    January 20, 2020

    The valuation report should be presented to the title registry office with the purchase. Turkish title registry offices do not allow any kind of transfer to foreigners without a valuation report. In other words, submitting the valuation report is the requirement of the transfer of the property, meanwhile, the value threshold of $250,000 is the requirement of the CBI program.

  • Albayrak Law Firm
    December 04, 2019

    You must provide evidence of the actual value of the property within your application. The issuance of a valuation report that is submitted at the time of application must not be more than three months earlier than the application date. Such proper valuation reports shall be deemed valid until the transaction is completed, even it will take months. To sum up, you should prepare the valuation report within three months before your application date.

  • Sagir Attorneys-at-Law
    December 04, 2019

    The valuation report proving the actual value of the property should be obtained prior to the purchase of the property, in order for the Title Deed Registry Office office to prepare a certificate of conformity for the citizenship by investment program.