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What are the eligibility criteria for Australia's 888 investor stream visa?

One of the eligibility requirement for a subclass 888 Investor stream visa in Australia states “Have a realistic commitment to continuing business or investment activities.” Could you please clarify how the “realistic commitment” is qualified? What avenues exist for me to demonstrate a realistic commitment? Can I invest in ASX-listed shares, managed funds, bank term deposits? Also, following redemption after 4 years, can I use the 1.5 million Australian dollars invested in treasury bonds for further investment to demonstrate my commitment?

  • Australian Visa Options
    February 16, 2021

    This requirement can be met by the applicant through a declaration as part of the visa application. The policy specifies that broad information should be sought as to the proposed business or investment activities. These do not need to be presented as a definitive long-term business or investment plan, but simply a broad statement as to the applicant's long-term business or investment intentions in Australia. It does not necessarily need to be detailed or particularly specific at the Subclass 888 stage. The investment needs to be held for a period of at least four years, after which the funds are released to the applicant.

  • Education Overseas Academy
    February 16, 2021

    Yes, after the stipulated four-year period required for investment in treasury bonds, you can use the $1.5 million for further investment to demonstrate your commitment to continuing business, or investment activities, in Australia when applying for the subclass 888 visa. Some Australian states/territories where you made the investment might have certain conditions about meeting the additional investment requirement and you might need a permit to show commitment for investment via a managed fund, investment in real estate for commercial purposes, purchase of private company, shares and ASX-listed shares, etc. Some states may not approve a bank term deposit. Therefore, the applicant should check with the nominating state government as well.