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Can children who attend schools in Greece apply for citizenship?

I am considering sending my son to Europe to get education. I talked with a migration agent and he told me that children who get educated in Greece for six years are eligible to apply for Greek citizenship. It does not matter whether the parents have permanent residency in Greece or not. Is this true? If I send my son to Greece for high school and college, will he be eligible to apply for citizenship after 6 years?

  • Papalois & Associates Legal
    January 06, 2019

    Under some different circumstances, such as if he learns to speak Greek, he lives in Greece and he goes to a public school or private one following the public educational system, it is true.

  • Energopiisi SA Investment Consulting Services
    January 06, 2019

    According to Article 32 of Greek immigration law, entry and residency of third-country nationals in Greece for the purposes of studies shall be allowed if all of the following general requirements are met: Hold a passport or other travel document recognized by Greece, the validity of which is at least three months after expiry of the visa, and have been granted a visa for the purposes of studies; procure the consent of their parents of guardian in relation to the intended residence if under the age of 18; have full health insurance with the same benefits as those covered for Greek nationals; pose no threat to public policy and security and public health; have paid the fees referred to in the provisions of Article 132(1) of this law. For acquisition of citizenship by attending Greek school, consider those who cannot apply: those who have no kind of resident permit or have only a temporary resident permit; those who have been convicted of six months and over for specific offenses or from one year onwards for each offense that it was done with deception. The application can be submitted after finishing successfully nine classes of school in the primary school and gymnasium and/or high school, or after finishing successfully six classes of school in gymnasium and high school, or when graduated from Lyceum and finishing and school or department of university or TEI. So following your question and according the above legislation in force, your son could apply for citizenship after the completion successfully the six classes in high school and of course under the additional terms and conditions that law requires.