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Can we pool investment capital from foreign investors for our development project in Malta and guarantee immigration benefits for our investors?

We are an international real estate development company. We have several investors from Asia who would like to invest in one of our ongoing projects in Malta and use this as part of their citizenship by investment applications in Malta. How should we structure the deal so they can secure their immigration eligibility?

  • March 21, 2020

    First of all it is important to understand whether the investors come from European or Third Country nationals. In Malta we have various restrictions regarding investment in immovable property situated in Malta. Third parties are restricted from investment in real estate in Malta (with very limited exceptions). So one has to look at the ultimate investors/beneficiaries in order to advice on the matter put forward. Also, since it is mentioned that the company is into real estate development one has to keep in mind that the qualifying property that the citizenship applicant is required to invest in, must be a finished and liveable property.