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Is it possible to lose Maltese citizenship after obtaining it through the CBI program?

I read that citizenship can be lost by acts of speech that are “disloyal or disaffected” toward the Maltese government. Is this true? Does the country not have any free-speech rights, or are they restricted in some fashion against criticism of the government?

  • Arthur and Partners
    October 21, 2018

    Kindly note that once a passport is received it cannot be lost due to acts of speech disloyal to the government. Malta practices freedom of speech and this right is protected.

  • Advocates Primei
    October 22, 2018

    No, this is not possible. Malta enshrines fundamental human rights in its constitution and is a full member of the European Convention on Human Rights. Malta has a very strong tradition of freedom of expression and anyone is free to criticize the government or any public person or official. Furthermore, Malta has several strong independent newspapers and media organizations.

  • October 21, 2018

    That is certainly not the case. Freedom of speech is guaranteed by the constitution of Malta and by the European Convention on Human Rights. Therefore, I can guarantee you that anyone is free to criticize the government with impunity.

  • October 22, 2018

    Malta is a very open country and wouldn't interfere with freedom of speech. In rare circumstances, it is possible for a person to be deprived of the Maltese citizenship, which is generally because of: citizenship was acquired by means of fraud, false representation or the concealment of any material fact; such citizen has shown himself or herself by act or speech to be disloyal or disaffected towards the president or the government of Malta; or such citizen had engaged, unlawfully traded or communicated with an enemy or been engaged in or associated with any business that was motivated by willingness to assist an enemy in that war; or such citizen has, within seven years after becoming naturalized or registered as a Maltese citizen, been sentenced in any country to a punishment restrictive of personal liberty for a term of not less than 12 months; or such citizen has been ordinarily resident in foreign countries for a continuous period of seven years and during such time, he or she has neither been in the service of the republic or of an international organization of which the government of Malta was a member nor given a notice in writing to the minister of his or her intention to retain citizenship of Malta.