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Could a previous U.K. visa denial impact my eligibility to apply for permanent residency of the Cayman Islands?

Three years ago, I was denied a U.K. tourist visa. I am not sure about the reason for the denial. Now I am considering participating in the residency-by-investment program of the Cayman Islands. However, since the Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory, I am worried that the previous visa denial could impact my eligibility for this program. Please advise.

  • Priestleys
    April 11, 2019

    The Immigration Board has discretion to approve or reject an application (not in your favor). I have not yet seen a question on the PR application form which asks whether or not an applicant has been denied a visa in other countries (this is in your favor). However, the application does require that you obtain three character references and other supporting material. There is no guaranteed answer. However, I can say from experience that the board is fairly generous in welcoming applicants who apply for PR on the basis of independent means. Community involvement and character of an applicant are important.

  • Solomon Harris
    April 12, 2019

    No, I doubt that would have any bearing on your application for residency-by-investment in the Cayman Islands. While you would not necessarily wish to alert them to your individual situation, it is actually not possible to obtain firm answers to any such questions in advance. I have attempted to do so for other clients in the past in relation to similar requests, but the response from the chief immigration officer is always to submit the application and a discretion can be applied if deemed appropriate. Please note that I have never had any residence applications for persons of independent means refused.