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Do I have the right to work in Turkey if I invest in real estate?

I am planning to invest in real estate in Turkey. I haven’t decided if I only need a resident permit or if I will apply for citizenship directly. For both options, do I have the right to work in Turkey? Or can I work only after I become a citizen?

  • UHB International Law office
    July 29, 2020

    You have the right to work if you're the citizen of the Republic of Turkey. This is your right that is protected by both the Turkish Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights. However, if you only have a residence permit and you want to work in Turkey, you must have a work permit. You won't need a residence permit if you've already a work permit.

  • ADMD Mavioglu & Alkan Law Office
    July 28, 2020

    The purchase of a real estate does not have a direct relationship for permitting foreigners to work in Turkey. You may purchase a real estate with a minimum value of $250,000 and apply for the CBI program. Once citizenship is obtained, then you may work as a Turkish citizen without any requirement for an additional work permit. The purchase of a real estate (with any value) makes one eligible to obtain a temporary residence permit, however, residence permits do not allow foreigners to work in Turkey. Work permits are regulated separately and could either be obtained through the support of an existing company or a new one (which may be formed by the foreigner) that is eligible for sponsoring such a permit. It mainly requires TRY100,000 as the minimum paid-in company capital and five Turkish employees on the payroll per foreigner work permit application.