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Do I have to have any ties with the U.K. to be eligible for the point-based immigration system for highly skilled workers?

I learned that the U.K. is rolling out a point-based immigration system for highly skilled workers to live and work after Brexit. Do the applicants have to have any ties with the U.K. prior to the application, except for a job offer? For instance, do I have to have graduated from a British college or have worked in the U.K. in the past to qualify?

  • March 07, 2020

    According to the current information in the GOV.UK website, anyone with no ties to the U.K. or any immigration or visits to the UK can apply. Your application could be the first application to come to the U.K. using the new immigration system. Any current ties to the UK will be taking into consideration, like previous visiting visa, student visa, or has been studying or working in the U.K. before it definitely will help, but it's not one of the requirements. Always remember that its case is based on its merits, and we advise to have professional legal advice before processing any Immigration application to the U.K.

  • Global 4 Immigration
    March 08, 2020

    No, you do not need any ties with the U.K. to be able to apply under the new points-based system. You will need to prove your level of English and this can be done via the qualification, overseas qualification taught in English or hold a passport from an approved English speaking country. Under the current and new points-based system, you will need a U.K. sponsor (employer) and you will need to achieve points to be able to obtain a U.K. visa to work. Previous U.K. work has no bearings on your visa application unless you breached any U.K. immigration rules.

  • Sterling Law
    March 06, 2020

    We need to know a bit more details about your nationality, as well as when you'll be applying. Normally, you don't need to have any ties with the UK.