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Do I have to participate in Grenada’s CBI program through authorized agents?

I am an investor from China and I am very interested in Grenada’s CBI program. There are many local agents in China promoting this program. When I searched the official site of Grenada’s program, I found a list of “authorized international marketing agents.” Many agents I have talked with are not in this list, though. Does this mean they are not eligible for this program? Is it mandatory to participate in the program through an authorized agent? Can I do it myself? If I participate in the program through an agent who is not on the list, will it impact my ability to get an approval?

  • February 03, 2019

    Local agents are by Grenadian law required to work with marketing agents. Some authorized agents contract sub-agents. It would be advisable for you to make suitable inquiries of persons holding themselves out as marketing agents if they are not listed. If not, your application may not be processed. You cannot process your application on your own.