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Do I need a resident permit before I get my Turkish passport?

I would like to apply for Turkish citizenship by investment program. I was told that I need a resident permit before a passport is granted. Is this a separate process? How fast can I get a resident permit and how fast can I get a passport?

  • Law Firm
    May 08, 2020

    According to the law on foreigners and international protection, if the person who wants to acquire Turkish citizenship through investment comes to Turkey before starting the process, other spouse and children can be given short term residence permit with him/her provided that they apply for it. It takes approximately one to three weeks to get a short term residence permit. And it takes approximately three to six months to have a Turkish passport via obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment. However, if the applicant gives a power of attorney to a lawyer he does not need to come to Turkey in person. And it means he will not need to take a short term residence permit.

  • UHB International Law office
    May 08, 2020

    Yes, you need a short-term residence permit. After obtaining the certificate of conformity from the relevant institution, which indicates that the investment conditions have been completed, a short-term resident permit application must be made before the Turkish citizenship application. This is a procedural process.

  • May 11, 2020

    Yes, as a part of the Turkish citizenship application, you are required to obtain a resident permit. It is one of the steps you should take during Turkish citizenship by investment program. It would take approximately two months depending on the workload of the authority. However, once you apply for a resident permit, you will be entitled to stay in Turkey until the issue of the residence permit. Within approximately four months, you will be acquiring your Turkish citizenship, hence the passport.

  • Av. Zeynep Ekin Tepeli Legal and Business Consultancy
    May 07, 2020

    Yes, after you prove your investment, which is minimum $250,000 real estate property or a minimum $500,000 bank deposit, you need to apply for the short term residence permit. It is a whole process to obtain Turkish citizenship. Basically the process is: investment, short term residence permit and application for Turkish passport.

  • ADMD Mavioglu & Alkan Law Office
    May 06, 2020

    Although it is just a bureaucratic stage, a foreigner who applies for Turkish citizenship by way of investment (CBI) should first obtain short term (temporary) residence permit as per to Article 31/1(j) of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection. Although there is no official regulation or confirmation, based on our experience; the applications for short term residency permits made under CBI programs are resolved within two to four weeks and the citizenship applications made under CBI regime are finalized within three to six months.

  • Barlas Law Firm
    May 06, 2020

    Yes, you need a resident permit before you are granted to Turkish ID and passport. However, the resident permit is not a separate process but an integral part of the citizenship application process so both residence and citizenship are handled at the same time.

  • Tuncay & Barcın Law office
    May 06, 2020

    You need to take resident permission to get the pğassport. İt takes a week. And after that, you will apply for citizenship and it takes three months.

  • Tenha Law Firm
    May 05, 2020

    A resident permit is one of the criteria for foreign investors to acquire Turkish citizenship by investment. It takes approximately one week to obtain a residence permit after obtaining the certificate of eligibility.