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Do I still need to hold the investment if I can provide complete evidence of how I acquired the capital for the U.K. tier 1 visa?

I learned that the U.K. is changing its requirements on the tier 1 visa category. Investors will have to hold the funds they intend to invest in the program for two years before they can make the investment. What if I can show that my money was acquired through legal means? I just inherited a house in Beijing from my parents. The property has been with my family for 10 years and I can provide evidence of how my parents obtained the money to purchase it. I have found a buyer who will purchase this property and he even agreed to show me the source of funds he will use to purchase the house. In such a case, do I still need to hold the investment money for two years?

  • OTS Solicitors Ltd
    March 21, 2019

    The immigration rules simply state that evidence needs to be shown for full two years. Once the guidance is released, we can understand what forms of evidence can be shown.