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Do my dependents become permanent residents simultaneously with me if I qualify for an 888 visa?

I have been successfully running my 188A business in Australia for a long time and I am about to apply for an 888 visa which will grant me permanent residency. My children just finished high school in my home country and want to join me in Australia. Do they become 888 visa holders simultaneously with me if I qualify, or do they have to wait for several years?

  • Australian Visa Options
    August 15, 2019

    Your dependents need to hold a 188 visa first before including them in your 888 visa application. Migration regulation 1.12 (5) states that members of the family unit can be included in the application for the new visa (in this case the 888), if they hold a visa (the old visa) granted on the basis that the person was a member of the family unit of a person who held a visa of the same kind as the old visa.

  • Future in Australia
    July 18, 2019

    If you qualify for 888 requirements, then when you apply for this visa, you need to add your family in the application. I think they have been part of your previous application. When you add them on the current application then you will also get the PR to Australia.

  • Quentin Kuo Law + Immigration
    July 17, 2019

    Congratulations on becoming eligible. Members of the family unit (MoFU) may be able to join you on your application, but the details of your family must be examined to confirm.

  • Regis Legal
    July 17, 2019

    You must either have applied for your children to be holders of the 188 visa or declared them as your non-migrating dependents at the 188 stage. You must attach them in the same 888 visa application to gain simultaneous PR. Please note that if they are current 188 visa holders, it would not matter if they have turned 23 years of age and no longer dependents (started working). However, if your children did not hold the 188 visa beforehand when applying for 888, then the age factor and dependency would matter at time of decision for your PR. To avoid any pitfalls, get a professional migration agent to check out your 888 visa application.

  • Julian-Armitage Migration Lawyers (JAM)
    July 16, 2019

    Yes, if they are of a certain age and dependents.