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What due-diligence standards are in place for the Malta Residency and Visa Program?

I am interested in MRVP but not necessarily the passport program. I am curious as to what standards are set for this compared to the citizenship-by-investment route. Does it have as many layers? Is there anything I should be concerned about?

  • BIZ Consult Limited
    November 02, 2019

    The due-diligence process for the Malta Residency and Visa Program are similar to the Malta Individual Investor Programme. There are the same rules for both of them.

  • BEAT GROUP BEAT Limited 8
    November 04, 2019

    Both the Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme and the Malta Residency and Visa Programme embrace a rigorous due diligence practice. This ensures that only fit and proper persons will be granted either citizenship or residency accordingly. The due diligence focuses on the applicants' identity, residency, financials (including the source of wealth and source of funds), a professional history covering employment and self-employment, business interest, police conduct and general matters pertaining to the application.