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How can I apply for Grenada's CBI program if I have been denied a tourist visa by the U.K.?

I am a Chinese investor who is very interested in the Grenada CBI program. I know that some CBI programs offered by other countries will deny an application if the applicant has been denied a visa by a country which the CBI provider country has visa-free status with. Last year I was denied a U.K. tourist visa because the travel agent who helped me with the application form accidentally put wrong information about my education background on the application form. The mistake was quickly fixed. I was able to provide evidence of my education background and was granted a U.K. tourist visa successfully during the second interview. Will I still be considered after having a U.K. visa denial history even it was not my fault? Will this record impact my ability to apply for the Grenada CBI program?

  • Citizens International
    September 17, 2018

    We have had clients in the past who had a visa denied by the U.K. but subsequently were granted a U.K. visa successfully. The initial U.K. visa denials were for similarly innocuous reasons as the one you describe. In those cases, the initial denial posed no issue for the citizenship approval. The client had to provide a certified copy of the most recent visa obtained from the U.K. If you have been refused a U.K. visa and have not subsequently re-applied successfully, this is more of a flag for the citizenship-by-investment unit. You would need to show evidence that the visa was denied due to an error in the application form, and no other serious reason, and it would be at the discretion of the citizenship unit whether they would approve you. That said, they certainly review all applications with a measure of common sense and the fact that you subsequently successfully obtained a visa leads me to believe that this would not necessarily scupper your application, assuming all other documentation passes due diligence. Out of an abundance of caution, it would be ideal if you re-applied in the U.K. successfully before making the citizenship application. If you were our client, we would approach the unit with your specific case with documentary proof to request specific feedback before making the application.

  • September 21, 2018

    You would be considered, but you will be pressed to make a good case in light of the denials. Your records and any explanations will be important and should be contained in a notarized affidavit.