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How can I avoid the most common mistakes that foreign investors make when applying for CBI in Turkey?

I'm a foreign investor from a non-EU state planning to apply for CBI in Turkey soon. I've heard Turkey rejects many applications due to simple mistakes which ends up wasting a lot of money. What mistakes are most common and how can I avoid them?

  • ADMD Mavioglu & Alkan Law Office
    April 21, 2021

    It would not be a fair statement to say that Turkey rejects many applications due to simple mistakes, on the contrary, the administration is quite helpful and rejections are very rare. Although not required legally, it is, however, advised that the investor uses a lawyer or a law office to assist with the application to avoid mistakes. Real estate investments worth $250,000 that are made in Turkish liras may cause issues due to fluctuating rates. Attention to such valuations and payments, leaving some room considering the investment amount and the CBI threshold, and swift processing of the application itself with legal assistance may help to avoid such issues.