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How can I become a Portuguese citizen through property investment?

Three years ago, I bought a home outside Lisbon and have been periodically visiting the country ever since. I would like to obtain Portuguese citizenship, however, so I will be returning to the country soon. What advice do you have so that my citizenship application is approved? Do I need to show certain ties to the country? Are there any problems I should be aware of that people typically face in citizenship applications?

  • Passaporte Portugal
    August 08, 2019

    To apply for the Golden Visa Visa program, your property must fulfill some requirements. Basically, the amount invested must be higher than 500,000 (or 350,000 when the property is older than 30 years). After the visa is granted, you need to stay in Portugal for at least 14 days during the first year and seven days during the following years.

  • Lisbon Attorneys, Corp.
    August 07, 2019

    To have Portuguese nationality you must have a link to Portugal. For example: have a resident permit in Portugal for at least five consecutive years, speak and write reasonable Portuguese (must be approved by official assessment); be married to a Portuguese citizen; be a Portuguese son or grandson; or be a citizen of former Portuguese territory, born before 1975. Generally speaking and without access to details of your situation, it seems that the easiest and fastest way for you will be to obtain a resident permit in Portugal for the next five years and then you will have to apply for Portuguese nationality. Portuguese citizenship is for life and you can enter and leave the Schengen Area (including European Union countries, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway) without any visa or even checking your documentation at their airports. If you have a house worth more than 500,000 euros (or 350,000 if you are in an inland territory), you can apply for the faster and more advantageous Golden Visa permit. If you are a retired person, an investor or a highly qualified profession (engineer, doctor, architect, artist, business manager, etc.), you also have a special and easier scheme to obtain your legal residence in Portugal. In addition, there are other ways to obtain a resident permit, for example as a worker, entrepreneur, etc. The biggest difficulties in obtaining Portuguese nationality and residence permits are the very large bureaucracy and the delay of public administrative services. If you own a home in Portugal, public administration services will consider that you have a strong connection with the country. You will have to start preparing all documentation and submitting requests, with about two years of waiting.