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How can I benefit from the special tax benefits if I move back to Italy as an Italian citizen?

I'm an Italian who works with an international company based in Singapore. I was considering moving back to Italy soon and getting the tax benefits of moving back home but I heard they are no longer there. Are there still any tax incentives for expat Italians or would I be taxed at the normal rates?

  • LCA Studio Legale
    November 17, 2023

    The tax regime "lavoratori impatriati" as of now is still available but starting from 2024 changes will be implemented - e.g. the amount of the tax benefit should be reduced to 50% and it should be applicable to individuals who have not been residents in Italy during the last 3 years. Further changes should be implemented but it is necessary to wait for the final text of the law to be approved by the Italian government by the end of the year.