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How can I finance my investment for the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program?

I was told that I could seek financing for the required investment capital through a Quebec government-designated securities brokerage firm. How can I find one? Can I simply take a loan from a bank in my home country and apply?

  • Kaima Law Group Inc.
    August 03, 2018

    It must be a financial institution designated by Immigration Quebec, and an immigration lawyer will be also mandated in this matter for your application submission.

  • JTH Lawyers Inc.
    August 03, 2018

    Your immigration lawyer will organize the financing of your investment, through one of the Quebec accredited financial institutions. You cannot take a loan from a bank in your home country. It is absolutely required to include your investment agreement with one of the authorized Quebec government-designated securities brokerage firm. Otherwise, your file would be returned without being processed.

  • Favreau Law Firm
    August 03, 2018

    You have to deal with one broker on the list for the full investment of 1.2 million Canadian dollars even though you take your loan in your home country. This part is mandatory.