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How can I get an Acquisition of Immovable Property Permit for my CBI application in Malta?

I learned that to purchase a property in Malta for the purpose of the citizenship-by-investment application, an Acquisition of Immovable Property Permit is needed prior to the transaction. I would like to know the procedure, requirement and timeline of getting this permit.

  • BIZ Consult Limited
    December 13, 2019

    When the prospective buyer identifies the immovable property to be purchased, he/she enters into a written agreement, a copy of which must be attached to the AIP application form. In accordance with a Quality Service Charter, the AIP Section is committed to issuing the requested permit within 35 days if the application submitted is correct. You also need to attach the required documents with the relative application form duly filled in. Required documents include two passport-sized photos, a copy of the promise of the sale, and a photocopy of passports. The fee payable on the issue of a permit is 233 euros. As a non-resident, you are allowed to purchase immovable property situated in the Designated Special Areas without an AIP permit.