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How can I include my parents in my Malta residency-by-investment application?

I learned that to include parents into one’s Malta residency-by-investment application, the parents need to be financially dependent on the principal applicant. My parents are retired. They both have pensions but not enough to support themselves in my home country. I provide financial support to them every month. In my case, can they be included in my application? What documents do I need to provide?

  • BIZ Consult Limited
    July 31, 2019

    You can include your parents to your application if they are older than 55 years old, do not have any income from employment or business, or are pensioners. Also, you need to provide financial documents confirming your support. You need to make an affidavit that they are dependent on you.

  • BEAT GROUP BEAT Limited 8
    August 01, 2019

    The MRVP allows for the applicant to include his/her parents provided that it can proven that at the time of application he/she is not economically active and is principally dependent on the main applicant. Enrolment to the same application is subject to a fee of 5,000 euros per parent. A resident card processing fee applies when a resident card is issued or renewed. The fee is of 137.50 euros per person for the initial five years and 27.50 per year for renewals. In order to support the above, there is to be submitted proof of the family ties. The main applicant can include his/her parents in the application even if the parents are in receipt of retirement income, provided that documentary evidence is submitted which would demonstrate that they are still principally dependant on the main applicant. This is generally done through an affidavit supported by documentary evidence for the financial support given. The main applicant is to provide an affidavit which will confirm the above and thereby declares that the parents are still principally dependent on him/her. This fact is to be supported by documentary evidence to support the case presented.