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How can I invest in industrial real estate to qualify for the CBI program of Antigua and Barbuda?

I have abundant experience in my home country investing in and managing industrial properties. I am planning to obtain citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda by means of real estate investment. I understand that most investment capital of this kind goes into residential or hotel properties. Is it possible to invest in industrial property? What should I pay special attention to?

  • Citizens International
    August 23, 2019

    To my knowledge, there are no approved business investments in Antigua and Barbuda offering industrial real estate investments at present. However, if you have a specific plan for industrial development you could apply for the project to become approved under the business investment category. Such approvals are subject to cabinet approval and the process can take up to a year. A detailed business plan and proof of finance would be required in addition to other supporting documents. This is no small undertaking, so if your goal is simply to apply for citizenship for you and your family, there are a number of very worthy projects and businesses already approved which can offer good potential rental returns and capital appreciation when you resell after the mandatory minimum five-year ownership period.

  • Caribbean Lifestyle Services
    August 22, 2019

    There are a number of options for investing in industrial properties.

  • Grant Thornton
    August 22, 2019

    Yes, it is possible. You would need to set up a local company in Antigua and have your business plan reviewed and approved by the Citizenship Unit. The minimum investment is $1.5 million for a single investor or $5 million for a consortium investment with each investor contributing at least $400,000.