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How can I obtain citizenship in Turkey through a franchise business investment?

I’m planning to open up a fast food franchise in Turkey in 2024 and I just got to learn about the citizenship by investment program. Does a franchise business investment allow me to be eligible for citizenship?

  • Tenha Law Firm
    February 09, 2024

    The Turkish citizenship by investment program offers investors 6 options. Franchise business investment is not one of these options. If you can create at least 50 jobs through your franchise business investment, you can acquire Turkish citizenship through this route.

  • ADMD Mavioglu & Alkan Law Office
    February 06, 2024

    It is possible in principle to apply for CBI in Turkey through investment of $500k into fixed assets of a company which the franchise business investment mentioned may contain and amount to, however, it is a complicated and lengthier process compared to real estate investment option ($400k purchase) or to bank deposit or government bond options ($500k).