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How can I sell the business used for the UK tier 1 entrepreneur visa and still qualify for indefinite leave to remain?

Three years ago, I set up a high-tech start-up in London and obtained my UK tier 1 entrepreneur visa. The business was very successful. I was recently approached by a large company in the same industry who were willing to acquire my business for 1 million pounds. The offer is very tempting, but I am worried that selling this business might put my status in danger. I can reinvest 200,000 pounds and establish a new business until the end of the 5th year but I am worried that this might raise a red flag with the home office when they adjudicate my application for ILR. Could this be a problem?

  • LB&Co Solicitors and Notary Public
    January 09, 2019

    You may well have a problem for ILR. Get in touch for full advice.