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How can I switch investment vehicles and keep my Grenadian citizenship?

I purchased a house in St. George's last year and got my Grenadian citizenship. Recently I was approached by the owner of another property and it seems to be a better investment. I am wondering if I can sell my current house and buy the new one without risking my status.

  • Zenship Inc.
    February 06, 2019

    Your citizenship can only be lost by renunciation by you or revocation under the laws of Grenada. I am not aware of any restrictions governing the particular property that you purchased. For instance, some properties have covenants that restrict sales before a particular period, and if you desire to sell before the period you may need to seek permission or give the original seller the first option to purchase. But a sale of a property cannot result in loss of citizenship. I recommend that you seek legal advice from an attorney in Grenada.

  • Global Services Inc.
    February 13, 2019

    Kindly note that a Grenadian can switch any property investment at any time once he is a Grenadian at no risk to his status. Please be guided accordingly.