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How can investors best select a PNP in Canada that fits them?

After doing some research on all the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) offered by different provinces, I am a bit confused about how to select the best program for me. The requirements of all programs look similar (except for that of Quebec) with minor differences in details. It is very difficult for a foreigner who has limited knowledge of Canada’s economy, culture and geography to select a program. Could you give me some guidelines? What are some of the key items/requirements investors need to pay attention to when selecting a PNP program?

  • Favreau Law Firm
    December 28, 2018

    First, Quebec is not a PNP. Quebec has a different legal basis to select immigrants. Also, Quebec is the only investor program. The other provinces are all entrepreneur program with an obligation to create or buy a business. All PNP are now work permits first and P.R. after, except New Brunswick. Each has a different grid. The most important for you is to calculate your points to see if you have any chance to be selected from the pool.

  • JTH Lawyers Inc.
    December 27, 2018

    It is a very good question, but the answer could be quite long. In summary, I would say that you need to do a prospecting trip in a few provinces that can offer the type of lifestyle you are seeking (basically urban or not), and select a qualified and experienced immigration attorney who has roots in the province of your choice and can assist not only with paperwork, but with introducing a network to you so that your immigration can be a success. The choice of your representative would be more important at this stage if you don't have any specific province or destination in mind and if you don't have family or friends in Canada already.