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How can investors in same-sex relationships gain passports and residents in Grenada via investment?

Are there any restrictions on applicants who are in same sex-relationships? Do I have to be legally married to my partner in order for them to gain citizenship in Grenada? What happens in the case if the applicant is unmarried?

  • Zenship Inc.
    July 27, 2021

    Grenada law does not currently recognize same-sex marriages. The law defines marriage as between a man and a woman, and therefore, persons who do not fall within this definition of a dependent under the relevant legislation cannot apply together. If the applicant is unmarried, he or she can apply as a single applicant.

  • July 28, 2021

    Unfortunately and regrettably, Grenada’s legislation, like most of the countries in the Caribbean, does not recognize same-sex marriage, so there is no avenue to pursue that type of application even if the partners are unmarried.