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How can investors put their real estate properties used to get their citizenship in Grenada up for rent?

I'm an investor based in Hong Kong and I want to know if one can rent out properties immediately when pursuing CBI in Grenada? Or does one have to wait for a certain period?

  • April 21, 2021

    In order to be able to rent a property, you would need to be the freehold owner. There are a couple of developments in Grenada that allow for freehold ownership, but it is usually a much higher price point than the minimum investment amount of $220,000. You can get returns on your minimum investment amount but these are usually based on the profitability of an operating hotel business. There is also an option currently available whereby the developer returns your initial investment to you as a buyback. If you have already purchased a property and are fortunate enough to have Grenada citizenship, and are looking to earn a rental income, then you can either contact one of the property management companies on the island who will rent it out for you, or obviously you can list it yourself on any one of the short-term rental listing sites.