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How can investors select the most suitable state for their expression of interest?

I have been considering moving to Australia for a while. I am open to all visa categories. However, I noticed that many categories require the nomination of an Australian state or territory government. I have never been to Australia and have no personal connections with any of the Australian states. I believe there are many investors like me who are not very sure how to select the most suitable state to submit their expression of interest to increase the chance of approval. What advice do you have for investors like me?

  • Regis Legal
    March 27, 2019

    Every Australian state has its own unique character in its economic sector, industries and investment offerings. You will need to research through their industrial bodies, state websites and state nomination offices. Austrade is a good place to start. With regards to submitting your expression of interest for skilled nominated and business visas, you are highly advised to seek professional migration help, as it is not easy to get a state nomination. You will need sufficient points and, in the case of business visas, know the type of businesses favored by the state. I also advise that you make a visit to Australia to see for yourself if the investment ground satisfies your preferences.

  • Quentin Kuo Law + Immigration
    March 28, 2019

    The best advice is to engage one of us and have an in-depth discussion on what your lifestyle and goals are when migrating to Australia. A starting point is to pick the weather you like and conduct a Wikipedia/Lonely Planet search on each of the main cities. Of course, you can consider regional areas too, if outback lifestyle is what you seek. Investment-wise, each state has their own sub-application, which is quite confusing for non-professionals.