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How can my children enjoy free public education if I don’t plan to work in Malta as an MRVP applicant?

I am considering applying for Malta’s MRVP program and sending my two boys to schools in Malta. I learned that if the principal MRVP applicant obtains his or her working permit, the dependent children will be able to enjoy free education from local public elementary and middle schools. I am wondering, how I can get this benefit if I don’t plan to work or apply for a work permit in Malta?

  • BIZ Consult Limited
    March 02, 2019

    Citizens of EU/EEA countries are considered as non-fee paying students. However, citizens of Bulgaria and Romania are not granted this automatically except if they produce evidence that they are legally employed in Malta. Citizens of non-EU countries are required to pay fees for all state educational institutions. Any non-EU citizen may wish to apply for an exemption, which is done through a special application process. This policy applies for exemptions from fees payable at the following educational institutions: all primary and secondary state schools; Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School; Sir Mikelang Refalo Post-Secondary Complex; Institute of Tourism Studies; Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology; University of Malta (including Gian Franāisk Abela Junior College); Schools’ Information System Training Centre; all course programs organized by the directorate for life-long learning. ​The board shall consider applications for exemptions from fees if: the applicant is a third-country national who has obtained a long-term resident permit or EU blue card. You will obtain permanent residency through the MRVP program.